The Industry Standard for Intelligent Contract Negotiations.


Are you sure that your Core IT provider is really giving you the best market deal?

The current negotiating environment for banks reeks of injustice. At the mercy of a market oligopoly led by a small group of unscrupulous vendors, community banks are forced into overpriced, one-sided contracts that can last up to a decade or longer. While costs increase exponentially, competitive functionality decreases, and bankers are left with a product and service that is unable to compete with the cutting-edge, customer-facing technology national banks are privy to. So what’s the solution? Your bottom line is at stake. Clearly, going to the table unarmed and underrepresented isn’t the start of an intelligent contract negotiation. Luckily for you, Paladin fs can help you navigate the muddy waters of Core IT contract negotiations and ensure that you are, in fact, getting the best market deal.


Trust our team and our Blue Book of data – Don’t be outgunned

We’re sick and tired of the way community banks and credit unions are outsmarted and outmaneuvered in one-on-one negotiations. Renewing an agreement with your “business partner” shouldn’t feel like playing poker against a professional. And we want to help you by bringing our proprietary database of vendor contract, pricing and market data to the negotiation table – before vendors deal you a dead hand. Armed with our Paladin Blue Book™, we hold the cards in contract negotiations. We stand up to the Core IT banking oligopoly to secure the best business terms and fairest pricing for community banks and credit unions and compel vendors to throw thousands of unnecessary, one-sided business terms out the window. Our team of former Core and IT vendor execs is now negotiating on the other side of the table, offering our market insights for the specific benefit of your franchise. Our unique understanding of Core IT vendors and our gold mine of market data allows us to secure win-win negotiations, saving bankers big.

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