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Break free from restrictive core & IT contracts
Lower costs. Reduce risk. Improve terms.

Many financial institutions find themselves hogtied by their Core & IT suppliers, stuck with restrictive terms & conditions, antiquated technology and budget-busting contracts. As leading experts in negotiating core banking & IT contracts, we’ve seen it all before. Your ability to compete or adopt competitive fintech services is hamstrung by these contracts that lock up dollars and eliminate flexibility.

The Paladin Advantage

By purposely pulling together valuable assets, resources, and expertise, Paladin provides your institution a unique advantage in Core IT and fintech contract negotiations.

Paladin will free the captive value in your core & IT contracts, and unleash your competitive advantage

Rather than just taking a seat at the negotiation table across from your core or new fintech provider, Paladin partners with you to level the playing field for fair, honest and equitable negotiations.

Aaron had total command of the audience. Not only is his content superb, it's clear that Aaron is an excellent communicator and teacher.Tim Koch CEO of Colorado Graduate School of Banking
Completed in just 60 days . . .
simply amazing market intelligence.
CIO, $3.4B Regional Bank, California
Needless to say, it was a win!

CEO, $350M Community Bank, Nevada
. . .because my CFO and I spent only 6 hours on it over the course of 60 days … incredible!CEO, $750M Community Bank, Chicago
You owe it to your institution to evaluate.

CEO, $240M Community Bank, Washington
Our vendor took our entire team to dinner to celebrate the ‘win-win’ deal Paladin negotiated for both of us.CIO, $1.8B Credit Union, California


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