Break free from restrictive core & IT contracts


Lower costs. Reduce risk. Improve terms.

Many financial institutions find themselves hogtied by their Core & IT suppliers, stuck with restrictive terms & conditions, antiquated technology and budget-busting contracts.

As leading experts in negotiating core banking & IT contracts, we’ve seen it all before. Your ability to compete or adopt competitive fintech services is hamstrung by these contracts that lock up dollars and eliminate flexibility.


Paladin will free the captive value in your core & IT contracts, and unleash your competitive advantage


Rather than just taking a seat at the negotiation table across from your core or new fintech provider, Paladin partners with you to level the playing field for fair, honest and equitable negotiations.


Beat Core & IT suppliers at their own game

We beat your critical suppliers at their own game by eliminating the three key advantages that Core & IT suppliers wield over financial institutions:

Power Differential

  • We represent many FIs against the core suppliers, and bring that leverage to bear. The core suppliers know us, and know what they can’t get away with when we’re on your side.

Information Gap

  • No matter how good of a negotiator you are, you lack much of the data necessary to successfully negotiate with core suppliers. Our history with these suppliers and our exclusive Blue Book of bank pricing data and market intelligence enables us to drive fair and equitable negotiations.

Confusing, One-Sided Language & Terms

  • Core contracts are often intentionally opaque or overly complex (ya’ think?). Paladin’s team has years of experience unwinding core contracts, and can help you find the right combination of services & terms at the right price to fit your institution’s needs, goals and budget.


Unleash your competitive advantage with Paladin fs.




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