Core and IT Contract Negotiations

Uncover buried gold in your core and IT contracts

The dollars and flexibility you need for key initiatives — the ones that will drive your future success — exist today, buried deep in your core contracts.

We save Paladin clients an average of $1.39M per contract, while locking in terms that allow these clients to grow and achieve their goals while reducing risk.

Paladin combines negotiation expertise with the most comprehensive term and pricing data in the industry. The result is fair, equitable negotiations. That means:

  • Getting the latest technology at a fair price
  • Locking in the best terms for your specific needs
  • Securing flexible conditions
  • Limiting your risk exposure
  • Giving you the ability to add and replace technology as you need, on your schedule

Uncovering gold like this can sound too good to be true. That’s why we give you a valuable nugget for free.

Allow us to assess your pricing and contracts for free and no obligation, and we can show you how we can help

And while we fight to get our clients the best contracts possible, our negotiations are far from a bar brawl. Because we actually improve relations with your core and IT vendors. We work with these vendors each and every day, and equal, fair negotiations lead to happy customer and happy vendors forming a stronger partnership.

To be sure our clients are well protected even after we get you a new deal, we even provide Lifetime Contract Protection Services to ensure you never overpay or sign a bad deal again for the life of your new contract.

Looking for a contract that will leave you riding happily off into the sunset?

Contact us today to get started.