Unique Expertise Of The Team

The stakes are high – make sure your negotiations are in the best hands.

With unrivaled successes and a killer track record in the industry, our team of former Core and IT vendor execs is now negotiating on the other side of the table – your side – offering our market insights for the specific benefit of your franchise.

Led by industry veteran Aaron Silva, our hard-charging team has leveraged our unique understanding of Core IT vendors and our gold mine of market data to secure more than 150 win-win negotiations, saving bankers an average of $1.39M per deal. Our sharp-witted team of negotiators doesn’t just focus on price (as vendors would hope), rather we attack business and legal contract terms so that you aren’t left with a bad deal at a cheaper price.

Additionally, when you employ our team, we don’t just assign you one negotiations consultant; we provide you an army. Every project you put in Paladin’s hands will be worked on by a posse that includes three committed business analysts and professional negotiators and a senior level executive, all of whom are responsible for reviewing each and every deal detail as it moves along.

We have a steadfast track record when it comes to securing negotiation successes for bankers. Since 2009 we have leveraged our market intelligence to:

  • Help more than 150 community financial institutions intelligently negotiate better Core IT deals
  • Aggregate more than $300M in total tangible cost reduction
  • Increase shareholder value by more than $150M during mergers and acquisitions
  • Reduce hard-dollar Core and IT expenses between 11.5 – 43.4% per engagement
  • Complete more than 450 research assessments

Aaron Silva


Paladin Sharp Shooter since 2007
Austin, Texas

Mr. Silva saw a giant hole in the market when he realized that bankers had been guessin' on pricing and contracts for the previous 20 years and so he started Paladin fs to put intelligence back into negotiations and wager a fair hand for bankers against Core & IT suppliers. Since then his company has returned hundreds of millions of dollars to institutions of all sizes. His industry leadership as an outspoken advocate for fair deals from vendors has shook suppliers to their core and has greatly influenced their manners at the negotiating table.

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Chris Kendall

Director of Operations & General Manager

Paladin Wrangler since 2016
Kansas City, Missouri

Mr. Kendall has a 9 year background in banking, 15 years in compliance consulting, 3 years project management and an entire career riding Wrangler with the best of them. Mr. Kendall manages the Paladin Blue Book and provides data analysis to the rest of the team as he negotiates deals for banks from here to yonder.

Dale MacNaughton

Business Development Executive, Southeast

Paladin Cattle Baron since 2012
Kingwood, Texas

Mr. MacNaughton runs all the client cattle in the south and east of the United States. One of our strongest client advocates with a mid-west demeanor and legacy, Mr. MacNaughton strives to make sure each of our engagements meets and exceeds their expectations.

Bob Moreau

Senior Business Analyst & Negotiator

Paladin Lawman since 2012
Dallas, Texas

Mr. Moreau joined Paladin after a successful career rustlin' up Core & IT vendors as a Chief Information Officer of a multi-billion dollar bank in Texas. Prior to that he cut his teeth as a national solutions expert for an IT outsource company focused on serving community banks. Bob has negotiated more Core contracts that any prairie dog you might ever meet and is known amongst his clients as the Lawman because he keeps the vendors right.

Bob Schramm

Business Development Executive, West

Paladin Rancher since 2012
Danville, California

Schramm is the sage of Paladin and has been ranching these lands almost as long as the founder. One of the most personable and knowledgeable business executives you'll ever meet, Mr. Schramm came from a different industry other than banking many years ago but has since become an invaluable asset to Paladin's growth and success over the years.

Linda Stahl

Business Development Executive, Northeast

National Partner Executive
Paladin Prospector since 2015
West Hartford, Connecticut

Mrs. Stahl spent 31 years working for a prominent Core IT supplier COCC in the Northeast before hanging up her black hat and coming to Paladin. Formerly also a banker herself she can understand the frustrations our clients feel dealing with these one-sided vendor relationships. Since working with our Paladin team she has come to understand the injustices posed within vendor contracts and wishes she had joined us many years previously to fight the good fight.

Kim Strachota

Senior Business Analyst & Negotiator

Paladin Cow Puncher since 2010
Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Ms. Strachota had over 31 years in community banking as an operations expert. With the experience of managing critical core and IT vendors for years she joined Paladin and has become one of our most successful negotiators and an industry expert second to none. Clients rave about her passion for corralling vendors to give up the right contracts and the right pricing. She's fair but fierce - like most successful cow punchers must be.