Contract Negotiations

Core and IT Contract Negotiations


Before you let that deal take place or slip into automatic renewal mode, add our proprietary knowledge to your arsenal.

Informed, transparent negotiation tactics always trump threats or vendor swaps when attempting to secure better deals, and by employing our Paladin Blue Book™, you hold the cards.

When we negotiate on your institution’s behalf, maintaining a positive vendor relationship is a key to success. Our contract negotiations don’t end until a win-win situation has been reached for both you and the Core IT vendor. Just remember, for the vendors, a happy customer is a long-term customer.

By bringing our team to the bargaining table when renewing or negotiating contracts, institutions save an average of $1.2 million per deal. Savings have ranged between a few hundred-thousand to many millions – every deal is different and the size of your institution may not matter.

Legal and compliance contract reviews are included with each of our negotiations in addition to Lifetime Contract Protection Services to ensure your new vendor deal is 100% regulatory safe and legally sound before you sign it.

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