Paladin’s 2018 Speaking Calendar

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Upcoming Events

February 27, 2018

ABA National Conference for Community Bankers, Honolulu, HI
Aaron Silva – How Four Bank Presidents took on the Core IT Oligopoly and Won

March 13, 2018

Independent Community Bankers Association Annual Conference, Las Vegas, NV
Aaron Silva – 10 Things Your Core IT Provider Won’t Tell you

March 26, 2018

IBANYS (New York) CEO Forum, Albany, NY
Aaron Silva

March 27, 2018

IBANYS (New York) CEO Forum, Syracuse, NY
Aaron Silva

March 28, 2018

IBANYS (New York) CEO Forum, Batavia, NY
Aaron Silva

April 4, 2018

ACB (Arkansas) CEO Forum, Little Rock, AR
Aaron Silva

April 18, 2018

Financial Management Society (FMS) NY/NJ Chapter, Hackensack, NV
Aaron Silva and Fred Viaud, President & CEO, Glen Rock Savings Bank – Dare to Compare Community Banks Core IT Deals vs. Large Bank Competitor

April 19, 2018

AMIfs Annual Conference, Tempe, AZ
Aaron Silva – Changing the Game: How Disrupting the Oligopoly is the Only Way to Prosperity and Fairness for Banks

May 24, 2018

Florida Bankers CFO Symposium, Sarasota, FL

June 3, 2018

Maryland Bankers Association Annual Convention, Palm Beach, FL

June 11, 2018

FMS Forum; Orlando, FL
Aaron Silva – M & A Core IT Contract Negotiations: Why Planning Ahead Pays Off Big League

September 23, 2018

FMS East Coast Regional Conference, Hershey Park, PA

September 28, 2018

Moss Adams Annual Community Banking Conference, Huntington Beach, CA
Aaron Silva – Core IT vs. Large Bank Competitors

October 9, 2018

IBA (Indiana) CFO Forum; Indianapolis, IN

October 12, 2018

IBA (Indiana) CFO Forum; Indianapolis, IN

October 21 2018

ABA Annual ConferenceNew York, NY

October 24, 2018

TBA (Tennessee) CFO Forum, Nashville, TN

October 25, 2018

TBA (Tennessee) CFO Forum, Nashville, TN

October 26, 2018

TBA (Tennessee) CFO Forum, Nashville, TN

November 8 2018

WVBA (West Virginia) CFO Conference, Charleston, WV

November 26, 2018

TBA (Texas) CFO Forum, Austin, TX

November 27, 2018

TBA (Texas) CFO Forum, Austin, TX

November 28, 2018

TBA (Texas) CEO Forum, Austin, TX


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