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With their free spending and fancy new tech, Big Banks have had their way with community financial institutions for far too long. At the same time, nimble and disruptive fintech startups are prying away customers with compelling user experiences and services that consumers are demanding.

But rather than sit back and take it, a new breed of community financial institutions are rising up. These banks and credit unions are modernizing, partnering with collaborative “friendly” fintech suppliers in ways that carve out unique, profitable, and sustainable advantages.

Are you ready to update your tech arsenal? Ready to claim your place in the future of financial services?


Paladin’s Fintech Advantage is your partner and guide

We start with a heritage of procurement and contracting success. Then we throw in technical and banking expertise. Finally, we assess your full technology stack through the lens of your individual competitive strengths.

The result?

We can identify and connect you with the right technologies, then guide you through procurement, contracting and implementation on the path to success.

We’ve rounded up collaborative technology partners that can fill existing gaps and work in concert with your existing core and infrastructure. Fintech Advantage is here to lead you through the entire process and solidify your competitive advantage for years to come.

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