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If you are considering M&A as a strategy (buy or sell), bulletproofing your contracts to protect shareholders is essential. Before an LOI or definitive agreement is made with another institution, let us take the reins of your Core IT contract and pricing to mastermind the best possible outcome for your franchise pre- and post-merger. When it comes to M&A, vendors do not include any terms or conditions in any of their agreements that benefit you more than them if a merger is completed. You must know what to ask for in order to get it. We do.

At Paladin fs, we leverage our market knowledge to compare all associated contracts and costs to restructure your banks’ current contracts, maximizing profits, cost savings and future shareholder benefits.

The dramatic contract adjustments we’ve seen through have included the elimination, addition and modification of thousands of terms and have resulted in at least $40M of created or saved shareholder equity in mergers.

With every merger, one vendor will survive and the other will perish; with Paladin fs on your side, you can sleep well knowing that we will make both vendors compete to survive and then benefit your combined institution greatly.

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