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FinTech Advantage brings the industry to banks’ doorsteps
Bankless Times, Tony Zerucha
April 14, 2018

Alex Lopatine, managing director of Paladin fs’ recently created FinTech Advantage division, provides an in-depth look at the current state of contracts between small banks and their core systems and IT vendors. Lopatine explains how these one-sided contracts unfairly benefit those vendors, the threats they pose to the health of community banks and credit unions, and how Paladin FinTech Advantage helps those same financial institutions in acquiring the technology they need to remain competitive in a rapidly evolving industry.

Core System Contract Tips
Bill Streeter, BankingExchange
March 26, 2018

Negotiator offers community banks tips on avoiding costly contract “gotchas”

“I’m not here to bash the cores. Without the core suppliers, we couldn’t have a banking industry,” said Aaron Silva in his opening during a session at the Independent Community Bankers of America annual convention. By “cores,” he meant the bank technology companies that provide core processing support for a large share of the industry—all but the largest banks for the most part.

The Financial Revolutionist
March 17, 2018

Recently, NYMBUS founder Alex Lopatine joined Paladin fs to establish FinTech Advantage. This new division will work with banks and credit unions to help them select fintech solutions that can elevate their digital offerings.

Small-bank Contract Negotiators Expand from Core Systems to Fintech
Bryan Yurcan, American Banker
March 7, 2018

A group designed to help community banks negotiate contracts with the “big three” core systems vendors is expanding its mission to assist smaller banks with fintech purchases, and adding new leadership to spearhead the initiative, too.

Can Dozens of Small Banks Pack a Punch in Vendor Talks?
Bryan Yurcan, American Banker
June 17, 2016

When it comes to negotiating contracts with their tech providers, small banks are hoping to find strength in numbers. That’s the idea behind the Golden Contract Coalition, which aims to negotiate contracts on behalf of dozens of member financial institutions in hopes of creating more leverage than a small institution typically would have on its own.

Bankers Hiring Hagglers to Negotiate IT Contracts
American Banker, Jackie Stewart
May 22 2013

“Bankers are at a disadvantage because they don’t know how the game is played,” says Aaron Silva, president and chief executive of Paladin, a firm that negotiates IT contracts for financial institutions. “Bankers really have no idea what they should be paying for their contracts.”


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