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Smart Vendor Selection

If you’re looking to change Core or IT service providers, the smartest way to select future vendors is through a proprietary process that only we can deliver. The old “competitive bid process” – or the “RFP method” as sold by many consultants – is a waste of good money, as competitive bids are useless when there is a market oligopoly like the one we are facing. Too few competitors and tacit collusion have made these methods all but extinct when it comes time to bargain for a better deal. Don’t be fooled by “copy/paste consultants” that turn out RFP factories.

Our Smart Vendor Selection service gives your bank access to the vital knowledge and market data included in the Paladin Blue Book, as well as the expertise our team of former Core IT vendors possesses, who have joined our ranks to prove that the best market deals are found by a process that doesn’t include RFPs.

Without acquiring our vast collection of market numbers and figures and without the guidance of our team, you’re unable to make the most intelligent decision when it comes to selecting a vendor.

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