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Our benchmarking data on the cost of Core IT services is one of our secret negotiating weapons—we call it the Paladin Blue Book™, and it’s second to none. To show you just how valuable and extensive our intel is, we’re offering you a completely confidential cost and contract review – absolutely free of charge. The Paladin Advantage.

If your bank’s vendor contract has less than 36 months remaining or is nearing its end and you’re looking to renegotiate in a variety of ways, just send over one current invoice and a copy of your vendor contracts, and we will review all of the information with your management team providing our expert advice and insights as quickly as our mutual schedules permit. If during the review we calculate Paladin can make a big difference as your negotiator, we will evaluate all of your expenses and contracts in great detail, comparing what you pay today to our national pricing data – no strings attached. Based on the information locked within our Blue Book, we can tell you exactly what you should be paying for your service level and analyze your contracts for opportunities to modify, delete and add terms so that the renewed deal is much more favorable to your franchise than the vendors.

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