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Partner up on the right terms

Get the devil out of the details

Before you head out on the trail with another institution through M&A, either as a buyer or seller, make sure to bulletproof your core and IT contracts from unfair terms and economic maleficents buried deep within. By updating your contracts before a transaction, you can speed the M&A process, protect your institution and shareholders, and prevent unforeseen deal risks.


What hidden dangers lurk in your contracts? 

How do your current core banking and IT contracts address your options in case of a merger? Most likely, your current contracts language leaves you with the short end of the stick.

But you can turn your risk into opportunity. Leveraging your underlying contracts, Paladin fs will renegotiate with your core providers before or at the time of merger on behalf of the new merged entity to get the best pricing and, more importantly, the right terms.


Make your next deal more accretive than the last

Nothing can hamper the benefits of a merger like your shareholders getting slapped by a bad contract that never addressed the possibility of a merger when it was signed. Bad contracts blunt the potential of your institution and add risk for you and your shareholders.

Contact us before you make an announcement about your merger to find out how Paladin fs can protect and strengthen your contract position pre- and post-merger.



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