Unique Expertise Of The Team

The stakes are high – make sure your negotiations are in the best hands.

With unrivaled successes and a killer track record in the industry, our team of former Core and IT vendor execs is now negotiating on the other side of the table – your side – offering our market insights for the specific benefit of your franchise.

Led by industry veteran Aaron Silva, our hard-charging team has leveraged our unique understanding of Core IT vendors and our gold mine of market data to secure more than 125 win-win negotiations, saving bankers an average of $1.39M per deal. Our sharp-witted team of negotiators doesn’t just focus on price (as vendors would hope), rather we attack business and legal contract terms so that you aren’t left with a bad deal at a cheaper price.

Additionally, when you employ our team, we don’t just assign you one negotiations consultant; we provide you an army. Every project you put in Paladin’s hands will be worked on by a group that includes three committed business analysts and professional negotiators and a senior level executive, all of whom are responsible for reviewing each and every deal detail as it moves along.

We have a steadfast track record when it comes to securing negotiation successes for bankers. Since 2009 we have leveraged our market intelligence to:

  • Help more than 125 community financial institutions intelligently negotiate better Core IT deals
  • Aggregate more than $197M in total tangible cost reduction
  • Increase shareholder value by more than $102M during mergers and acquisitions
  • Reduce hard-dollar Core and IT expenses between 11.5 – 43.4% per engagement
  • Complete more than 390 research assessments

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