Smart Vender Selection


An experienced guide to making the right choice

Right vendor. Right price. Right terms.

When it’s time to pick a new core, IT or new fintech service provider, people make faulty assumptions without the proper information.

The experts at Paladin fs combine market data, pricing data, deep technical expertise and intimate knowledge of the latest terms & conditions available in the industry to find you the ideal vendor for your specific needs using a “smarter” approach.


Kill the RFP 

Competitive bids (sometimes known as “Request For Proposals”) are useless when the deck is stacked against you. With core vendors, it is all too often the case that tacit collusion means you can’t gain the upper hand. Even an RFP will return less than ideal results.

Let Paladin fs root out the best vendor for you needs, and pin them down with pricing and terms that far exceed what you can achieve with the traditional RFP process.

Vendor decisions have lasting impact. Don’t start the process without speaking to us first. Contact us today.



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