Research before consulting–no shootin’ from the hip.

The Best Possible Price. The Best Possible Terms. Saddle Up.

With Paladin on your side, you get more than one expert negotiations consultant; you get a whole team. Every project you put in Paladin’s hands will be worked on by a posse of business analysts, professional negotiators, and a senior-level executive, all of whom are responsible for reviewing each and every deal detail as it moves along.

Our record speaks for itself.

Better Core IT deals won for several hundred community financial institutions

Nearly $1B in total tangible cost reduction returned to bankers

Increase shareholder value by $250M+ during M&A transactions

450+ research assessments completed

Feeling hogtied by Core IT and FinTech Contracts?
Partner with the best.

Outsourced technology procurement services is a bit of a mouthful, but it’s what we do. And we are the best at it. It’s a white-glove, full-service situation where the Paladin posse becomes a trusted, valued extension of your vendor management and negotiations team. We know the players. We know the deals. We offer lifetime contract protection services. That loyalty will save you millions by ropin’ in the best deals possible. Prefer to wrangle your own deals? Hire Paladin to get you ready for the rodeo.

Existing Core IT and FinTech Deals

Free contract and cost research and assessment

Contract renegotiation and restructuring

Fair Market Value re-pricing to Paladin Blue Book™ standard

No need to convert vendors!

New Core IT and FinTech Deals

Technology stack assessment – “what solution do you really need?”

Vendor solution search

Smart vendor selection process and scorecarding

Contract negotiation with selected vendor

No RFPs needed (psst! Most RFPs are a scam – ask us why)

Merger Contract Implementation

Assessment of buyer and seller contracts to determine business impact

Executive-level advice and direction to management teams

Implementation of combined technology contracts with survivor at improved FMV and terms

Wanna Wrangle Your Own Pony Using Our Smarts Like the Lone Ranger?

Not every team needs a full-service approach. If you’re the Lone Ranger type, you don’t have to tell us twice. We’ll get you access to the market intelligence you need through the Paladin Blue Book™, and then we’ll step back and let you take the reins on the negotiation. You can take our proprietary playbook to-go and we’ll support you from the saddle right behind you. You know where to find us if you need us.

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Round Up Your Posse – Gather Around the Campfire for Expert Advice

Need a little help wranglin’ your higher ups? We’d be happy to help step in and do a little educating to get your board on board. The Paladin posse is a hit with executive teams, and we’re available for board retreats and on-demand advisory, coaching and direction. We love getting out of the office and into the wild. Hell, you might just lasso our CEO Aaron Silva for a keynote at your next big meeting. Just ask, and we’ll see what we can do for you.

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Merchant Services/ISO Contract Renegotiation by Paladin fs

Stop playing payments poker!

Let Paladin Payments industry experts renegotiate your Merchant Services / ISO Payments vendor contract.

Whether on an agent-bank agreement or a basic referral agreement, let Paladin fight to protect your pricing, terms and portfolio value.

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Bring in the Big Guns

Let’s Get Started