A legendary Core IT and FinTech Negotiations Team

Have Expertise, Will Travel

There’s a damn good reason for our success. We used to be in your boots. The Paladin posse has a long history in the industry. We’re former Core and IT vendor execs, and now we’re negotiating on your side of the table. Led by industry veteran and sharp shooter Aaron Silva, we save bankers an average of $1.39M per deal. No bull. How? Because we attack business and legal contract terms strategically to win amazing deals as your procurement wrangler.

Our process is proven, we’re armed with unmatched market intelligence and the Paladin posse collaborates on every project. You get consistent communication with our team and at least four sets of keen eyes on every deal.

Welcome to the gold rush.

Negotiating That Contract Feel Like the Wild, Wild West?

Rather than just taking a seat at the negotiation table across from your Core IT or FinTech provider, Paladin partners with you to level the playing field for fair, honest and equitable negotiations.

The Paladin Blue Book™

Get armed with hard market intelligence.

We’ve rounded up leading market intelligence, and our sharp shooting negotiators are ready to put it to work for you. Our proprietary Paladin Blue Book™ is the holy grail of vendor contract, pricing data and market intelligence. We built it ourselves, using extensive market research that has been growing for more than 15 years. Today, it’s chock-full of invoices and vendor contracts from more than 1,400 financial institutions across the country.

This kind of intelligence stacks the cards in your favor.

Find out exactly where you stand for no cost or obligation, and leave nothing on the negotiation table. This is your business we’re talking about. Isn’t it worth the very best?

Lifetime Contract Protection—Guaranteed

Once you’re in, you’re in for good.

We’re loyal to you and never want to see you get bamboozled by unscrupulous vendors that sneak in one-sided terms that hogtie your deals after we’re done doing our good work. We will stand in your corner for the duration of any contracts we negotiate – as your outsourced procurement experts – and we’ll up the ante with additional services free of charge:

Quote Check & Procurement

Send us a vendor quote for any ancillary service, and we’ll check it against the Paladin Blue Book™ and advise within 24 hours, ensuring that you never overpay or sign a bad deal again. Or if you are too busy, allow us to procure the service for you.

Annual Invoice Reconciliations & Audit

When it’s time to get your financial ducks in a row, we’ll reconcile invoices to contracts and root out errors that vendors won’t tell you about.

Management & Board Reports

We’ll help keep your management team and board up-to-date on the deals we’ve won for your bank through our comprehensive reporting.

Merger Contract Assessment & Implementation

When you’re gettin’ hitched to a new partner – we’ll step in and make sure the combined technology contracts from both institutions serve the surviving enterprise at the maximum level of efficiency and financial benefit.

The Paladin Posse Stands at the Ready When You Are

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Early Stage

30+ months from Core contract expiration

It’s not time to renew your deal or think about changing Core vendors yet but you’re exploring options and want help wranglin’ new FinTech relationships.

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Ready Stage

Less than 30 months from Core contract expiration

The deal is ripe for change, and you know you need a hired gun now so you don’t get out-negotiated on the critical vendor deal.

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Late Stage

You’ve already got a vendor quote in hand and you’re looking to make a bullet-proof deal before you sign

Cowboy sense says you need an extra set of eyes on the fine print. We’ll help bring the deal to the ranch on your terms.

Bring in the Big Guns

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