Get your Deal Checked in less than 24 hours.

Find Out in Less Than 24 Hours if That Quote is BS or Not.

Ever have that sinking feeling, deep in your gut, when you’re about to sign an agreement for a one-off or ancillary service contract? Did you do everything you could to get the best deal? Are you sure you’re not being taken out to pasture? We’ll make sure.

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Informed decisions require… information, and we’ve got it in spades. We’ll put our data to work for you to evaluate quotes from Fiserv, FIS, Jack Henry, Q2, Digital Insight, Apiture…or any other Core IT or FinTech provider. Right now. With no obligation.

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Send us an existing quote for any Core IT and FinTech product or service that complements account/item processing, internet banking, bill pay, item processing, ATM/EFT, or others. We’ll tell you in less than 24 hours if we can help you land a better deal.

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If we can help, we’ll quickly produce a benchmarking report and recommended contract language to help you negotiate with your vendor. And as an extra protective measure, we’ll even review the contract before it’s signed to make sure it doesn’t conflict with your existing master contract, terms or pricing. Let Paladin be your ace in the hole.

Complete the information below and Paladin will send you a secure link and instructions on how to upload your quote for review.