Never overpay for core or IT services again.

No risk, no obligation peace of mind within 48 hours

Ever have that sinking feeling, deep in your gut, when you’re about to sign an agreement for a one-off or ancillary service contract?

Did I do everything I could to get the best deal?
How do I know I’m not being taken to the cleaners by this vendor?

Eliminate that feeling now, and for good, with Paladin Quote Check

Informed decisions require just that — information. Without the proper information, you can’t make the best decision for your financial institution.

Paladin fs has painstakingly collected, over years and thousands of contracts, the most comprehensive line item pricing data in the industry in our Paladin Blue BookTM.

We want to make sure you never enter a bad deal again

We want to put our data to work for you, right now, with no obligation. Just send us any existing quote for products and services that complement account/item processing, internet banking, bill pay, item processing, ATM/EFT, and many more. We’ll tell you for free in less than 48 hours if we can help you land a better deal.

If we are able to help, we’ll quickly produce a benchmarking report and recommended contract language to help you negotiate with your vendor. And as an extra protective measure, we’ll even review the contract before it’s signed to make sure it doesn’t conflict with your existing master contract, terms or pricing! All of that for a one-time fee of $499.